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Fire Department

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Fire Department Offices :

  • Fire Station 1 
    93 South Anderson Road
  • Fire Station 2
    3801 Giddings Road
  • Fire Station 3- Fire Prevention
    3365 Gregory Road
  • Fire Station 4 and Administration
    465 S. Baldwin Road

  • Our Mailing Address:
    2525 Joslyn Road
    Lake Orion, MI 48360

Please check back often for updated news, announcements, and additional information.

Administrative Staff  Click on the persons name to send an email 
Fire Chief      Robert Duke, EFO, ext. 2001  
Assistant Chief  
    John Pender, ext. 2005
Fire Marshal       Jeffrey Williams, ext. 2003
EMS Coordinator       Capt. Chris LaGerould, ext. 2002
Fire Inspectors       Capt. David Ostertag, ext. 2000
Capt. Anton Roths, ext. 2000
Public Education      Lt. Chris Hagan, ext. 2000
Administrative Assistant 
    Sherri Bowers, ext. 2000
General Phone Number 
    (248) 391-0304
Fax Number 
    (248) 309-6993

Burn Permits
All open burning requires a burn permit issued by the Fire Department.
Click here to read the General Burning Guidelines.

To apply for a new permit, you can do one of the following:
  1. Fire Station 4/Fire Administration located at 465 S. Baldwin  Rd., Mon-Fri. between the hours of 8AM - 4PM
  2. Contact Fire Administration at (248) 391-0304 ext. 2000 and complete over the phone
  3. Fill out the permit application form and submit via email (click on the link)
  4. Available at the Supervisors Office in Township Hall

NOTE: You must be the property owner in order to apply for a permit or have a written authorization letter from the property owner stating that you, as the tenant, have permission to apply for a permit. Your name must appear in that authorization letter.

Permit Renewals:
To renew a burn permit, email the fire department at oriontwpfd@comcast.net with your information and permit number from last year. Your request will be answered within 48 hours.

Before you burn, you MUST call the burn permit hotline at (248) 693-1838 and listen to the prerecorded message indicating if you can burn for the day.

Burn Containers
These are either the small-screened cage receptacles or the ceramic chimney type. They are advertised to be safe for use on the patio or wherever your party is taking place.

Township ordinance states that, ANY OPEN BURNING REQUIRES A PERMIT ISSUED BY THE FIRE DEPARTMENT. These containers are NO exception and you must apply for and have a permit before you are allowed to use them. Once you receive your permit, use caution in the placement and use of these containers. They can be just as dangerous as a campfire! If you have questions, contact the Fire Marshal at (248) 393-0304 ext. 2003.

Outdoor Warning Sirens
Spring brings with it increased risk of severe weather. While tornadoes and severe thunderstorms can occur at any time, they are more likely to occur in the early afternoon hours.

A severe weather WATCH means conditions are favorable for severe weather to occur in the watch area. You should plan and prepare for the possibility of severe weather and listen to radio and television for later statements or warnings.

A severe weather WARNING means that severe weather is occurring and you should take the necessary safety precautions. If a TORNADO WARNING is issued, the outdoor warning sirens will sound a steady three (3) minute warning signal. Take cover immediately and listen to radio or television for more information.

The first Saturday of each month at 1:00 p.m. a test is conducted of the outdoor warning sirens. Click here to see testing schedule. NOTE: Siren tests are not conducted during December, January, or February due to winter weather.

Downed Power Lines

Often severe storms have high winds that cause damage to trees and power lines. If you see a downed power line always assume it is energized with electricity - STAY AWAY! Even when a power line appears to be dead, it can still be energized and those wires that really are dead can be re-energized without warning.

Never approach a downed power line or try to move it. Even telephone and cable TV lines can be dangerous if they are in contact with a power line. Chain link metal fences can also be hazardous if a power line has fallen on them. Always keep children and pets away from any downed power lines and other downed or hanging wires.

Report downed power lines to DTE Energy at (800) 477-4747

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